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Luxury Apartments in Downtown Indianapolis - The Residences at CityWay

CityWay has more than changed the vibe of downtown Indianapolis. Our apartments, townhomes, retail selections, art infused boutique hotel and state of the art YMCA offer something new that’s never been offered in Indianapolis before. CityWay is a walk in the park on the way to a charming boutique. It’s a café that opens early, a store where they know your name and your favorite color. A night spot that’s perfect for entertaining clients. A superb hotel with world-class amenities. CityWay is a neighborhood of one of a kind finds, specially selected to be here because they are indeed special. CityWay is all this and more because we designed it to be this way- home to a wonderful way of life in downtown Indianapolis.

The Residences at CityWay

229 S Delaware St Indianapolis, IN 46204
T: 317-455-3591 T: 317-455-3657 Email Us